Nitish Kumar is Chief Ministerial Candidate in Any Alliance : Shyam Rajak

Senior Bihar minister Shyam Rajak said today that it is absolutely essential that Nitish Kumar be projected as the chief ministerial candidate of any alliance that the JDU is a part of. “A strong alliance can only happen if Nitish Kumar leads it,” said the minister, who is seen as close to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Important Facts

It has been reported that Nitish Kumar is not acceptable as chief ministerial candidate to some RJD Leaders if contest this year’s Bihar election as allies.

JDU still hopes to forge an alliance with Lalu Yadav’s RJD, but members of that party must “avoid statements on Nitish Kumar.” – Shyam Rajak

Shyam Rajak added “Anyone making such statements is on the payroll of the BJP,”

Both Nitish and Lalu have said they still hope to put together an alliance to stop the BJP from adding Bihar to its kitty of states.

“Things are moving at its own speed… the last word on our merger has not been said,” – Nitish Kumar

The Congress has urged both parties to get their act together and firm up the alliance of which it will also be a part.

Congress indicated that it backs Nitish Kumar as presumptive chief minister.